At the beginning of this year I felt God challenging me to get back to some of my 1st loves – things that make me light up inside. All year I’ve been doing that a little at a time | adding in more ‘creative’ things (outside my job description) | singing, dancing/working out | spending intentional time outdoors | communicating. That last one seems a little strange because, I know, we communicate every day… but I mean, purposeful, out of the box communicating. Like, a blog for instance…

I’m still working out all of the kinks of what this blog will look, feel and sound like.
A few things I promise:

  • I promise to be raw, exposed & vulnerable | things I’m learning to embrace rather than fear.
  • I promise to be inconsistent | there will be posts full of emotion, insights/thoughts, some about food (which I LOVE), some will be daily or weekly or monthly.
  • I promise to write and be real about it.
  • I promise to try to be encouraging – there won’t always be a “lesson” but I’m working on finding the sunshine in everything again.

That used to be a nickname of mine, “Sunshine,” I loved it because that is how I lived! As I’ve grown a little older, a little more darkness has seeped in.  While darkness is needed to expose the light & vice versa, you can choose which is your focus. I choose light.

I choose sunshine.


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